​​​​​​Your ALL-IN-ONE answer is here!

Wouldn't it be great if there was a tool that could help you
design a lifestyle
tailored to YOU
being your most fabulous, best, authentic YOU?
I am sharing a practical, simple, and effective way for you
to implement actions that truly help you enjoy every day. 

LIFE On Purpose
is the key
that unlocks every door
in the six main areas of your life that play a role
in how you live daily:
Health & Wellness
Food & Drink

LIFE On Purpose
is a series of 6 ebooks I wrote
so you can not only be a badass,
but truly live ON PURPOSE and design your best life. 
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My tool is simple and easy to implement so that you can
live a life of happiness and authenticity as you go about your way
and do the things you do,
day in and day out.
This module will help you to put your health first.

Identify why you need to consider health in the choices you make in life

​​​​​​​Identify the areas in health and wellness to consider when thinking about Living On Purpose
The 4 key questions to ask yourself when getting dressed

The ONE thing that you wear everyday that can set the tone of your day
Identify the foundation of all relationships

Learn the MOST IMPORTANT principles  in order to have solid relationships and happiness within

Teach you how to have and maintain the 5 types of relationships
Identify how to radiate with beauty without spending a dime

How to know what products and styles you should be buying and wearing
Learn what areas affect you and how

Teach you what choices and decisions you make to create a certain desired outcome for each space

Identify elements in decor to consider when designing your space
How to Eat, Drink & Be Merry!

The Pro's and Con's of Food & Drink

Social Eating vs. Private Binging (or Not)
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Influencer, Lifestyle Expert, Speaker,
Women's Empowerment Coach, Momager

Irene Gianos is the founder and creative force behind The OP Life, a motivational platform
that teaches passion-seeking women
how to elevate their mindset, success
and lifestyle. Reaching thousands of new
subscribers each month, The OP Life is
quickly rising as the go-to online destina-
tion for women who desire more—more
happiness, more success and more boldness in business and in life. 

If she is not helping women to design their On Purpose Life, Irene wears the hat of "Momager" and is helping run Honestly Margo, a thriving bath and beauty company, that was started by her equally driven teen daughter, Margo.